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Northern California, located in the East Bay

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Realtor puts faith in feng shui
By Kelly Pollard
Article Launched: 07/13/2007 03:25:42 AM PDT

Ruth Ann Davidson, a Realtor at Re/Max Accord in Danville, has been using feng shui in her personal and professional life for more than 10 years. Colleen Crawford, branch manager of Prudential Realty in Pleasanton, recently hosted a feng shui lecture for the agents in her office.

In this time of a dragging market, some real estate agents are tapping into an energy they don't quite understand but completely believe in: feng shui... READ MORE

Feng Shui Articles for San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay Area, Northern California, CA - Alexis Summerfield

Article for Bay Area Business Woman
by Alexis Summerfield, MA June, 2004

some excerpts...

"Can Feng Shui generate good fortune and abundance in your business? Can it create success and open up opportunities that were previously blocked? According to Alexis Summerfield, the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'"

"I facilitate my clients' process of success through Feng Shui, and we set their dreams in motion utilizing this specific method of intent and placement in their home and work environment."

"Author of 'Clouds of Purple Chi,' Summerfield works with builders, architects, small and large businesses and residents. She teaches Feng Shui, speaks at real estate and business networking groups and resently presented to a national business convention at San Francisco's Moscone Center about Feng Shui."

East Bay Business Journal

April 24, 1997, Vol 1, No.26
By Lisa Stowell, Stafff Writer


"Ancient Chinese art can up productivity, profits and performance.

Summerfield is now working on a how-to feng shui book, while consulting a long list of clients, including a residential subdivision in Fremont, a retail shopping center in Moraga and various architects and private business people."

The Times, Home & Garden:

Friday, August 29, 1997 Design - Interiors
By Mary Vinnedge, Dallas Morning News
Excerpts from book by Nancilee Wydra, author of "Feng Shui in the Garden: Simple Solutions for Creating Comforting, Life-Affirming Gardens of the Soul"
(Contemporary Books, $15)

"Feng shui moves out to the garden

Feng Shui is putting down roots in the garden...

(quote by Summerfield): 'The garden is an extension of the home... It's part of the layout of a home, the chi of the plot.'

The result is a place full of power and healing energy, says Summerfield, who applies Feng Shui to every area of her life. (quote by Summerfield): 'It's in my garage - it's in my car.'"

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