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Alexis Summerfield, MA
San Francisco Bay Area Feng Shui Consultant
Northern California, located in the East Bay

The Fushimi­Inari Shrine in the center photo above is located in Kyoto Japan. I had a dream about it just before I went to Kyoto in 1997. As I stepped off the train, I was amazed to see the image from my dream directly before me. Dedicated to long distant healing for business and career, the shrine was a blessing and healing to me.
~ Let it also be a blessing for you!
In Mysore, India, I experienced a powerful spiritual healing Hindu ceremony in a temple much like the one on the "Home" page. The healing ritual was ancient and transforming.
~ May you also receive Positive
    transforming healing energy!
Energetic balancing for
remote locations

off-site balancing to release negative energy for success, prosperity and happiness.
For local clients or for clients across the ocean, the results are just as effective.
Performed from my office for any location in the world with amazing accuracy and results! $225.00
You can receive an energetic
balancing for your home or office...

located anywhere in the world!

~ I learned this ancient and powerful Feng Shui method directly from grandmaster Professor Lin Yun who brought Feng Shui to the West in 1973.
~Release old negative influences
    ~Create positive change
                       ~Results can be immediate

Contact me now to get started!

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